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There's nothing more important than your eyes!
Visit the Bloordale Village Eye Clinic for your next eye exam.

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Discount optical is conveniently located next to the Bloordale Village Eye Clinic. They provide comprehensive eye examinations for you and your family. Please visit Bloordale Village Eye Clinic for more information.

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  • The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that infants have their first eye exam at 6 months of age and annually thereafter. Children and seniors should have yearly examinations and adults are recommended to see their eye doctor once every 2 years.
    An optometrist will determine the prescription you need for your glasses and will perform other tests to monitor the health of the eyes. A regular eye exam will ensure that your eyes are healthy so you may view the world as clearly as possible!
  •  Comprehensive eye examinations!
  •  Professional eye care!
  •  Knowledgeable and friendly!
  •  Accurate!
Did You Know?
  • An eye exam is one of the best ways to monitor the health of your eyes
  • An eye exam can detect cataracts, age related macular degenerations and other eye conditions
  • UV light from the sun can cause harmful damage to the eyes
  • An eye exam can improve eye health and decrease the chances of future vision loss

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